They are designed to include perspectives on the exponentially growing aspects of international mediation. They also focus on the areas of mediation in which this global growth is most explosive: commercial and court-related mediation.


The Academy does not offer basic mediation training for certification. Rather, the Academy's courses uniquely include not only relevant issues to mediators in Florida and the United States, but also international aspects and cultural diversity perspectives. All courses are imbued with information and experiences Ms. Cole has acquired in her international work.

Exciting News!


The Cole Academy is transitioning into BRDGES Academy. Our mission is Building Resolutions for Disputes Globally with E-learning Strategies. We've taken the "i" out of BRDGES to develop a more international you. In addition to our usual traditional CME courses, we'll now offer a certification program to become internationally certified by the International Mediation Institute in the Hague.


And, our new array of exciting courses for you as the international mediator are planned to include, among others: Emotional and Cultural Intelligence in Culturally Diverse Mediations; Sociolinguistics in the Mediation Context; and Cultural Dimensions in multi-cultured mediations.  Stay Tuned!

Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. –Baruch Spinoza


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